Minshuai Wang


Minshuai is from Xiamen, China. He obtained his BS, MS and PH.D in electronics from JILIN University. He works in Jimei University as an associate professor. Minshuai has worked on inorganic light-emitting diodes, organic light-emitting diodes and solar cells. Now he joined Dr. Rafael Verduzco’s lab as a visiting scholar.

His current research interest is on all-polymer solar cells. Fullerene-based polymer solar cells have some shortcomings such as poor absorption in the visible region and costly preparation. But the performance of all-polymer solar cells is still behind the fullerene-based solar cells. Therefore, there still needs more efforts on all-polymer solar cells. Choosing the proper solvent and modifying the morphology can be useful to improve the efficiency of fullerene-free polymer solar cells.


Minshuai loves to see movies and TV shows in his spare time. And his also likes to play soccer and billiard ball.